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College Bodybuilding Competitions in the US and Europe


Colleges give a great opportunity to upcoming bodybuilders to lay a foundation for a successful career. These institutions of higher learning usually organize both internal and external bodybuilding competitions for their students. We have prepared for you a list of bodybuilding competitions in the U.S. and Europe. These should help you choose the best school that will nurture your bodybuilding ambitions and a conducive environment to build a strong fitness foundation. Please note that some of these institutions do not allow participants from outside the school but you can always book yourself a spot by enrolling for one of their courses. 

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This competition was launched in 2014 and attracted quite a huge number of participants. Although it was named Mr. University, there were only two categories for female participants. It is also the first major college fitness competition in the UK. All participants needed to do is sign up and register for the event. The main categories include:

  • Men’s Physique
  • Men’s Athletic
  • Women’s Bikini
  • Women’s Athletic 

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AoC organized this competition to give college students a chance to showcase their toned physique. The organizers of the event have come up with 8 exercises, each designed to test a specific part of the body. AoC partnered with app developers such as Archon to design the exercises, and using a specific algorithm ensure specific fitness objectives are met. It also asked colleges to encourage their students to participate in the competition. Those interested in taking part could access demonstrative videos for the exercises from Archon. Finally, they can register for the competition at AoC’s official website. 

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FTCC organizes fitness competitions for it’s students, the latest one being The March Madness Trojan Fit Fitness Competition. Like most college competitions, FTCC sets specific fitness objectives for the competition and uses a set of exercises to achieve them. Their events are open to the entire university community including workers. The last competition comprised of seven events participants participated in. 

The college organizes an annual weightlifting competition that attracts both experienced and amateur weight lifters. Scores are calculated by considering the absolute total and pound per pound total. The contest gives participants a chance to test their strength and endurance. Apart from the competition’s judges, there is also an outside judge who certifies each attempt. No score is awarded for any attempt that does not meet the required criteria and participants are given a warm up period starting from 1 p.m. The event’s overall winner is given a prize and other additional benefits. Other prizes include a CRS Intramural Champion T-shirt, awarded to participants with the highest overall and relative score.

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Hocking college has been holding a weightlifting competition for the past 20 years. The contest is open to all participants including those outside the college. However, outsiders have to pay an entry fee of $20 while Hocking students, alumni, and co-workers pay $15. The organizers have put a couple of restrictions for the contest including no:

  • Bench shirts
  • Squat suits
  • Gloves
  • Strappons, among others

Although it is not technically a bodybuilding competition, the girls get to take part in various fitness programs that promote their well-being. The competition has several categories, including baby cup, vault, senior cup, junior cup, among others. It is held annually but only students from the college can take part in it.

Douglas college organizes an annual fitness contest where participants from various fields can take part. A 100km journey through biking, running, or walking is the most notable part of the competition. However, bodybuilding has also been given a slot; powerlifting and other workouts have been considered. Participants who are not able to deliver their application manually can do so through Strava app. Winners in different categories will get a Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Tracker, Douglas College Royals Swag.

However, the competition is only open to students and employees of Douglas College.

More than 800 students take part in the fitness challenge organized by the University of Scranton. The annual 4-week fitness challenge also serves as a motivating platform for participants. Both pros and amateurs can join the challenge. Participants are required to platform at least 150 minutes of exercise a week to earn a T-shirt. Importantly, those who will to take part in the contest can submit a weekly log of the activities they have done.

Odessa college calls on participants to take part in their fitness challenge where they will exercise 30 minutes daily for 30 days. This contest is to anyone that is interested in taking care of their health. Importantly, the organizers have a lot of goodies for winners in each category. A grand prize is awarded to the overall winner; an 8-day, 7-night cruise on the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the seas to different destinations including cozumel, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Falmouth, Jamaica.

EIL fitness challenge is an annual fitness event meant for college students with a passion for fitness, including bodybuilding. The competition has various events, but fitness is usually the first event of the competition. Importantly, organizers of the event aim to cover approximately 1200 km in 14 days. There are plenty of prizes to be won in various categories, so make a point of booking your sport as early as possible.

Colleges are the breeding ground for professional athletes, especially bodybuilders. Winning or merely participating in a college competition is the first step towards becoming a force to be reckoned with in this line of passion. The competitive environment gives you the exposure needed to propel you further so as to achieve more than you initially though. Be reminded that these contests also attract experienced bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts; you will get an opportunity to drink from their cup of experience. By making an appearance puts you in a better position to launch a successful fitness career without the hassle of relying on a trainer or training partner. Whatsteroids wishes you well as you begin your fitness career.

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