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How to Easily Burn More Fat on the Treadmill


The reality is that fat loss is more easily achieved through calorie deprivation (eating less), improved insulin sensitivity, and, theoretically, modified gene expression. The last two in the list are often achievable through supplements or resistance training.

All that being said, cardio can lead to weight loss, but the effort and sheer loin-girding it requires is too impractical for anybody to do on a regular and prolonged basis. You really have to want it, and you really have to work hard.

You ever hear of Frenchman Benoit Lecomte? He dog paddled across the Atlantic Ocean without the aid of a kick board. It took him over two months to traverse the 3,716-mile distance, often swimming for up to 8 hours a day.

Now that type of cardio burns fat. All you have to do is approximate Lecomte’s aerobic workload and keep doing it until you reach your goal, and then continue doing so forever after to stay at your target weight.

C’est simple comme bonjour!

Okay, I’m being slightly dickish. Clearly, I think there are better ways to burn fat than running in place on a treadmill (or swimming across the Atlantic), but maybe there’s a way to make treadmill running a little bit more efficient when it comes to energy expenditure.

Some researchers from the University of South Florida think they know at least one way to do so. They found that wearing weights (arm weights, leg weights, and presumably weight vests) while using the treadmill can increase energy expenditure by 10% without any change in perceived exertion.

An additional 10 percent of “not much at all in the first place” isn’t all that impressive, especially in my cardio-jaundiced eye, but for those who love the treadmill and cardio in general as a fat-loss method, wearable weights, e.g., arm weights, leg weights, or weighted vests, are something worth considering.

What do you think?

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