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Your Guide to Become A Successful Personal Trainer


                To become a successful bodybuilding personal trainer, sometimes you need to do more than the average bodybuilder. Most importantly, you must be a gym guru with every aspect of training in your fingertips. You also need to maintain a healthy diet to help get that body you want your trainee to have. However, passion for the sport is the most important thing one must have. As you will realize, it could prove hard to throw your entire life behind something you don’t like and become successful in it. At the same times, some people have great passion to be personal trainers but they don’t know what it takes to become one. Luckily for you, this article is meant to teach you a few things about being a personal trainer you need to know.

Start by Working on Your Personality

              A person’s personality has a great impact on their training style. We can’t say a certain personality is not good for coaching but how you shape it determines your success as a coach. If you haven’t noticed, some personal trainers turn out to be fiery and aggressive while others are calm and shows care. Don’t be lied to that the latter are the ones who produce better results; the truth is that a fiery coach can produce better performance than a calmer one. It all depends on how one relates with the people or person they’re training in terms of communication, listening, and problem-solving skills.

             Trainees as well come with unique personalities that need to be handled differently. But your approach as a coach determines a lot whether there’s going to be a personality clash or a healthy working relationship. Learning more about sports psychology is your best chance of polishing your personality in preparation for the role of a personal trainer.

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Study Your Niche and Stay Up to Date

                 You must know what is happening in your niche at all times if you want to become a great coach. That way, you will be able to make appropriate adjustments to your training programs and style. Know everything that happens in the gym and the right way to do it. Make sure you’re familiar with all training exercises and the milestones that need to be reached after a certain period. Most importantly, be flexible and change with trends to avoid being left behind. It also means being ready and willing to accept and try new things. Start by researching your niche online and reading publications to familiarize yourself with every aspect of bodybuilding and training. Do this and before long you will be better informed about training to lead your trainee in the right direction.

Lead and Teach

                  To be a successful personal trainer, you need to be ready to lead from the front. Show your clients what needs to be done by demonstrating as accurately as you can. Most importantly, give honest feedback after every day of training. Critique as much as you praise them and let them know what needs to be done to improve their current form. Seeing their trainer do what they need to do is enough motivation for clients do even better.

Planning is Paramount

                  A coach without a solid plan will fail alongside those who have put all their trust in them. Planning involves setting goals and preparing a strategy to help reach them. However, there must be some flexibility in planning to cater for unforeseen circumstances. But don’t make a habit of improvising lest you lose complete sight of the goal ahead. You should also come up with a venue and training program that does not strain clients or available resources. If you’re not in a position to set up your own gym, you can work with an established fitness center that has everything you need to get it rolling.

Don’t Overuse Intensity

             You need to draw the line between working hard and hurting your clients. Soreness and injury resulting from intense straining can have a negative impact on the trainee’s overall performance. Know when to stop training to avoid putting too much strain on clients. Most importantly, keep in mind that excessive fatigue does not always equate to successful training. It could even prove to be counterproductive as it prolongs recovery time, thus making training fall short of its intended purpose.

Take Appropriate Coaching Courses

              You will not know everything about bodybuilding and accompanying training by spending all your time in the gym. Make it professional by enrolling for a short course on the same. You can also do several courses as each comes with something new that will prove to helpful in the long run. Most importantly, ensure the course you take is relevant because it is only then you’re going to be a certified trainer. Trainers also advise to take safety courses in addition to regular bodybuilding ones to fully prepare for any eventuality.

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Sharpen Your Skills

              Continue developing your skills by training at your free time. You can also make a schedule that does not collide with your clients’ and use it to sharpen your kills. Appearing fit with a well-chiseled body is the best way to motivate your students. Try not to look like some trainers who are a complete opposite of what they want their trainees to look like.

Flexibility is Key

              Personal trainers work extra hard to make things happen for their clients and that means a lot of sacrifice. It is even harder if they have many private clients, some of whom don’t want to train in a group. The coach lefts to balance between satisfying everyone and achieving set goals. That calls for a lot of flexibility because you might face with a lot of cancellations and rescheduling. Most importantly make sure to come up with a timeframe for rescheduling after cancellation and also be flexible enough if that doesn’t work out. The same applies to cancellation and rescheduling of competitions you’ve been preparing for. In fact, some competitions could be pushed back and that means working twice as hard to prepare adequately. Flexibility is needed for different things and circumstances and the coach must prepare to avoid throwing into chaos.

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Developing Unique Programs for Clients

               You need to treat every client uniquely if you want to become a successful coach. That is because each one of them has a different personality and abilities and a general approach might not favor them. Start by understanding each of them and preparing a training program that suits them best. Most importantly, avoid giving them a program that worked for you because it might not work for them. However, preparing separate programs for several clients might prove to be a challenge because it does not only strain you but it also means progress is slow. Try grouping them according to similar or close personalities and abilities to accommodate all of them. While at it, try not to appear to discriminate against some of them because it would paint a bad picture.

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Gain Lots of Experience

            One needs plenty of experience, even after acquiring accreditation as a coach because most things are learned through experience. There is only one place you can gain as much experience as you can-the gym. Spend most of your time at the gym trying anything and everything before asking your clients to do it. It is also important to familiarize yourself with different equipment and exercises. it gives you the confidence to teach and demonstrate to your clients. Working with a more experienced trainer is another great way of gaining experience. Listen, watch, and learn from them as if you were a client, only then will you learn how it feels to be one.

Have an Insurance

            One may be tempted to overlook this but it is a very important tip for everyone who is aspiring to be a coach. It is important to insure your fitness business apart from getting a personal accident or illness insurance. However, you need to do your research well to get yourself a good company with great insurance policies. Don’t look at the amount of monthly premium but the overall benefits of being insured.

A Personal Trainer Give Lots of Homework

             Homework is a good tool to measure progress because it’s usually done in your absence. Once regular training is over, issue your clients with a homework they need to complete before the next session. That is the only sure way to know whether earlier sessions were successful. Most importantly, give honest feedback about their performance so they know why they need to repeat some exercises.

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              Finally, it is important to pursue personal training as a business for obvious reasons. It not only expands your training mentality due to handling different people but will also earn you a good reputation. Most importantly, try to develop soft skills that enable you relate well with clients. Try to understand their unique habits and behaviors as well as listening to their concerns. It is the first step in building a strong personal relationship that goes beyond bodybuilding training. Don’t forget to go through our blog for more inspirational and informative articles.

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