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Push Up Challenge Ideas To Get Stronger & Leaner

  • 30 Day Plank and Push-Up

The 30day pushup with plank challenge is something that you can try if you are interested in the 3-month challenge but are not too comfortable with the duration. This challenge is a slight twist of the average challenge as it switches between doing planks and push-ups every other day. 

You can start the week by holding a plank for 30 seconds or as long as you can for the first day, then doing 15 push-ups the next day. Like all other workout routines, this challenge will require you to have a rest day, which you could do at the end of every week. Do this routine until you finish the 30day pushup challenge, and you should notice a change in your figure. 

  • See 10, Do 10

Since social media is essential for most people these days and we live through the Internet, let’s add social media to a push-up challenge. The ‘See 10, Do 10’ challenge is a recent trend that enables you to do a fun push up challenge with your online friends without having to put in too much effort and time.

You can do this challenge in two ways: when a friend or follower tags you to do so or start the chain reaction by yourself. The mechanics are that you have to film yourself doing ten push-ups then posting it on social media while tagging a friend to do the same.

That way, you interact with your followers and friends without being with them physically and in real-time. If your friend tagged you to do this challenge, you do not have to do it right away. You can wait a couple of days or do it as soon as you like.

  • Muscle-Building Challenge

The muscle-building push-up challenge is a challenge that is sure to give you fast results. Your body is designed differently from the rest of the population, which is why this challenge is perfect for customization. 

To make the challenge match your current strength and ability better, you will first have to measure how many push-ups you can do. The current number of push-ups you can do will help track your progress and how well the challenge is working for you. 

For the first workout of the challenge, you will have to do push-ups four times the amount of the current maximum number of push-ups you can do as fast or as slow as you prefer. The second workout is when you set the alarm or a specific time five times a day. 

During these times, you will have to do two sets of push-ups as much as you can and set a 45-second rest time in between. These two can be arm workouts as well and can be alternated each day. It means that after doing one workout for one day, you will have to do the other workout the next day.

If you find that your body is not getting as toned or as slim as other people’s when doing a push up challenge, that is normal. Do not lose motivation, and just remember to aim for progress and not perfection.

Push-up challenges are called ‘challenges’ for a reason. They will not be easy, but then again, most great things do not come easily. Work hard and do not give up because sooner or later, with the proper discipline and drive, you will be sure to get the body you desire and the strength you deserve.

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