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Do Stomach Punches Help Build Abs?


Proper Bed Time And Wake-Up Routine 

By having a bedtime and wake-up routine, you’ll be able to do more things. Doing a short set of low-impact exercises and stretches can help you sleep soundly and have the much-needed rest to replenish your energy. 

Exercises like glute bridges, planks, reverse crunches, straight leg lifts, and a few push-ups are helpful for bedtime burnout.

Once you wake up, the first thing you should not do is shoot straight up. Doing so will immediately increase your heart rate and might make you feel disoriented. Have a relaxing 15 minutes to get yourself to wake up without the groggy state. You can re-energize by drinking at least one cup of warm water. Then, start doing a couple of stretches before you eat your breakfast. 


Drinking sufficient fluids is especially important before, during, and after working out to keep you from early exhaustion. If you are not a fan of tasteless water, you may infuse the fruit by slicing a strawberry, lemon, or cucumber. Having a sports water bottle with a filter that you can carry anywhere is convenient.

During exercises, you’re losing body fluids as you sweat. To replace this, rehydrating with cold water will not only make you feel refreshed and invigorated but will help you keep going with your workout as well. 

There have been scientific studies that drinking cold beverages can help increase your workout by delaying the rising heat of your body. Enjoying a cold-ice fruit-infused water or protein shake allows you to exercise without getting fatigued quickly. Another option is to drink sports beverages that can also help replace lost electrolytes.

A Healthy Breakfast 

Eating a hearty breakfast every day before doing anything will help you to focus and put your energy where it matters most. There have also been many health research that shows healthy eating at the start of your day can help you better manage your weight.

Here are nutritious foods you can include in your breakfast:

  • whole grains, like oatmeal and quinoa 
  • nuts, like almonds and walnut
  • fruits, like apples and berries
  • vegetables, like broccoli and spinach
  • fishes, like tuna and salmon 

These will refuel your body to ensure that you can stay active and alert all day long. Same with the foods you eat, watching what you also drink matters. Avoid alcoholic beverages and sugary drinks at all costs because they hinder your progress in building muscles and losing weight. Sticking with fruits or vegetable shakes, tea, and water is the safest way to go. 

When it comes to weight management and muscle-building, every food and drink you consume matters, and every calorie counts. As an old and common saying goes, “You are what you eat.” If you want to achieve the body that you are longing for, sticking to a set fitness plan will be the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. 

Consistent Exercise 

Being athletic isn’t supposed to be just a phase in one’s life. Working out can change your life for the better because it affects other areas of your life, such as your work, relationships, and mental well-being. 

Exercising consistently is known to help reduce stress hormones and promote the production of natural painkillers in the body. When you feel good and your problems are not weighing you down, you’re more mentally and physically capable of doing intense workouts to achieve the abs that you want. 

Knowing that you are exercising for better health can also give you the satisfaction that you’re working towards becoming the person you’re most proud of. 

Consistent physical activities with stomach punches and following a fitness plan can increase your muscle mass, improve endurance, boost energy, strengthen the inner core, and prevents certain health conditions. 

Consulting a health professional, nutritionist, or fitness trainer can give you a better insight into what’s best for your body, especially in building abs. Your entire lifestyle will contribute to your fitness goals. So having a holistic routine for your workouts, weight management, and diet is necessary to get the body you want.

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