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Amsa Fast Review: Learn about Lipase Inhibitors and How They Can Help You Lose Weight


Ever wondered how weight gain happens? How did you end up packing all that fat? Some of the food you eat has a high fat content. People assume high-fat foods are those with visible fat all over them. That’s not the case. If you eat a lot of fat-rich food and you do not engage in enough physical activity to burn the fat, your body is going to deposit the excess fat in various places in your body. You end up growing big and becoming overweight.

Amsa Fast is a weight loss formula that is touted to have the ability to block the absorption of up to 30% of the fat you are consuming. How true is that? Is Amsa Fast the weight loss solution you have always been looking for. That’s what we want to find out!

Let’s first explore…

What is Amsa Fast?

Amsa Fast is said to use lipase inhibitors to block the absorption of fat. When your body wants to block a particular process, it produces enzymes that counter that process. Such enzymes are known as inhibitors. Your body can produce inhibitors of many kinds.

Also, a certain process can be blocked through foreign inhibitors if your body cannot produce enough inhibitors. That is the case with Amsa Fast. Your body is bombarded with lipase inhibitors. Lipase inhibitors force your body to stop absorbing fat. There is no doubt that that can cause significant weight loss.

So, how exactly do lipase inhibitors work? Does Amsa Fast really contain lipase inhibitors? Can it help you shed off excess weight? You need answers to these questions before you decide to spend money on Amsa Fast.

The first thing we love to uncover about any supplement is who is behind it. That’s gives us an inclination as far as our perception of the product is concerned.

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Who Manufacturers Amsa Fast?

Amsa Fast is distributed by Alkegra. It is not clear who produces it, but Alkegra owns and the branding and distribution rights. The lack of clear information about the manufactures always leads to a sharp drop in our confidence in the product, but this case is different. Amsa Fast is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Authority). That’s a very significant confidence vote for any health supplement.

Amsa Fast is certified as a prescription diet pill in the US. Your doctor can prescribe it for you to help you deal with obesity. That means that it is a clinically approved treatment for excess weight.

Enough chit chat about certifications and approvals. Let’s talk about the serious stuff…

…The ingredients!

Amsa Fast Ingredients

You’d be surprised to know that Amsa Fast has only one ingredient. It is made from Orlistat. Orlistat is clinically referred to as Tetrahydrolipstatin. Tetrahydrolipstatin itself is what is approved by the FDA for obesity treatment. As such, any product found to only contain Tetrahydrolipstatin gets immediate approval.

So, we need to explore Orlistat a bit closer to try and find out what it is, and what effect it has on the human body.

Orlistat in itself is a drug. It plays one role and one role only. It settles in your stomach and blocks the enzymes and bacteria that break down the fat in the food you eat. The fat is then expelled from your system when you relieve yourself.

When it comes to fast weight loss results, Orlistat is the winner. That explains why Amsa Fast and other Orlistat drugs are so popular. Amsa Fast is promoted as a weight-loss supplement making it even more attractive to people seeking to lose some weight.

How Soon Should You Expect to Start Cutting Weight After Taking Amsa Fast?

The manufacturers indicate that you’ll start shedding off weight as soon as two weeks after you’ve started swallowing Amsa Fast capsules. That has been backed by most those who have enjoyed some weight loss thanks to Amsa Fast.

Keep in mind that despite all the hype and praise surrounding Amsa Fast, it does not just make sure weight disappear without you doing anything. You should use it to supplement your other efforts. A proper diet and frequent workouts are necessary if you want to lose weight.

From experience, we know that when the deal is too sweet, there is always a catch. Taking a supplement that starts cutting those pounds right away is exciting, but at what expense?

Unfortunately, everything about Amsa Fast is not so rosy. It has a long list of side effects.

Side Effects of Amsa Fast

Amsa Fast will cause some notable side effects. The side effects can be harsh if your body is not strong or resilient enough to withstand its effect.

You might suffer the following side effects.

  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloating
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Arthralgia
  • Rashes
  • Dry skin
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Vertigo
  • Bladder discomfort
  • Bowel discomfort

When you swallow the Amsa Fast capsule, it’s like an army of lipase inhibitors burst into the battlefield that your stomach and ambushes the enzymes and bacteria that break down fats. These enzymes and probiotics have other roles. Many of your body systems are immediately thrown off balance. If your body is unable to adjust to the new conditions, you will experience several of the side effects we have outlined above.

If any of these symptoms start getting harsh, you should seek medical attention immediately. Amsa Fast should be a prescription drug. Your doctor will guide you properly regarding how you should take it, and how to brace yourself up for any side effects that you might suffer.

Can Amsa Fast Be Taken by Anyone?

Amsa Fast can be used by anyone except expectant and nursing women. It will affect the welfare of the baby. Also, if you have any underlying health conditions you are better off staying away from Amsa Fast. Its effects can be brutal and your body needs to be in a position to deal with the rapid changes.

Persons under the age of 12 are discouraged from using Amsa Fast even if they have weight issues. You should not give to very young children. Their bodies might not strong enough to withstand the impact.

Final Thoughts

Would we advise anyone to use Amsa Fast to shed off excess weight? One thing we are certain about is that Amsa Fast can help shed off weight. It can do that at a faster rate than most of the other weight loss supplements on the market. We have an issue with the side effects it can cause. That part takes away most of the excitement anyone might have about it.

Here is our point of view, if you are obese your doctor might prescribe a supplement such as Amsa Fast. You should take it to avoid the complications that come with excess weight. You can also ask your doctor about it if they haven’t mentioned it. If your weight is still within manageable levels and it can be lost through other less brutal means, you should stay away from it. Taking a supplement such as Amsa Fast means risking your health in some ways, in order to lose some weight. The risks are not worth it if you are not in a situation where you must take them.

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