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Staff Approved Gear for Lifters

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From Amazon

Multi-Grip, No Screws Required, 300-Pound Capacity

Lets you do everything: wide-grip pull-ups, close-grip chins, and a variety of push-ups. It can be installed and removed in seconds, plus there’s zero doorframe damage.

– Chris Colucci

From Amazon

T-Bar Row and Landmine Insert

Rather than jamming a barbell into the corner, pop this post into an Olympic plate or two to create a stable base for presses, rows, squats, core training, and more.

– Chris Colucci

From Amazon

Variable Speed Control, 3 Interchangeable Spheres, 12-Foot Cord

Thump away inflammation in your achy shoulders and break up knots wherever they arise. It’s less expensive than other massagers and surprisingly powerful.

– TC Luoma

From Amazon

20 Inch, Ergonomic, Non-Slip Anti-Fatigue Pad

Make the most of your standing desk. This balance board keeps you from putting all your weight in one leg for extended periods of time. Constantly shifting around keeps your muscles active and your joints happy.

– Dani Shugart

From Amazon

For Core or Leg Exercises, Turns Any Floor Into an Unstable Surface

Do slider lunges of all sorts or simply place them under your feet and do bodysaws, or “walk” forward with your hands for a killer core workout.

– Dani Shugart

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