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Stuff We Like – Equipment 6


Tested and Approved Gear for Lifters

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From Amazon

Handheld Trigger Point, Deep Tissue Myofascial Release Tool

Throw away your foam roller and finally make your tight traps, pecs, hip flexors, (you name it) feel better fast. There’s a ton of ways to use this to dig into those hard to reach areas.

– Dani Shugart

From Amazon

Bourbon Brown, 23.5 Inch, Handmade

Stop letting your grip limit your deadlifts and loaded carries. Leather is tackier than standard straps and simply feels more secure.

– Dani Shugart

From Amazon

Adjustable Cuff Applies Targeted Pressure, Pain Relief for Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow

A little extra pressure around the forearm can often take tension off the elbow. Have this handy in your gym bag for those days when your elbow is barking at you.

– Dani Shugart

From Amazon

Chrome and Black Phosphate, Powder Coated Brass Bushings

This is a staple for arms, but think beyond the curl and skull crusher. Try using the EZ bar for a supinated front raise, a palm-facing-you overhead press, a Bradford press, and more. You can even smoke your legs with an EZ-bar.

– Dani Shugart

From Amazon

Extra Thick, Anti-Burst, Anti-Slip Texture, Foot Pump Included

Sure, it’s great for core work, but your hammies need it too. Add this tool to leg day with some Swiss ball hamstring curls.

– Dani Shugart

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