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Tip: Press Like a Viking


This twist on a strongman event is great for building shoulders, even if they’re feeling a little busted up.

Are your shoulder being cranky? The Viking press allows you to keep your heavy training intensity with all but the most damaged shoulders.

  1. Set a power rack’s safety arms at shoulder height.
  2. Set the far arm one setting higher than the close arm.
  3. Place small plates on the far ends of both barbells as they rest across the arms, with the plates braced against the inside of the far arm. This keeps your bars from sliding off as you press.
  4. Load the closer end and press both bars simultaneously. The bars move in an upward and slightly forward arc.
  5. Grasp the end of the bars with wrist and elbow stacked and your shoulder blades depressed and retracted. Allow your shoulder blades to upwardly rotate as you press.
  6. Retract and depress your shoulder blades with each negative rep. Brace your abs like you’re expecting a punch to avoid hyperextending your lower back.

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