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Pretty Shoes for Ugly Workouts

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From Amazon

Bootie Construction For Easy On-and-Off

Okay, fine, we’ll do some cardio. But it better feel like we’re running on a cloud of angel butts. These shoes fit the bill. And the Ultra Heel technology provides a seamless fit to keep you locked in for a cushy ride.

– Chris Shugart

From Amazon

TriBase Outsole, Medial Rope Grip

Billed as a cross trainer and aimed at the CrossFit market, it’s actually more suitable for lifting given the firm midsole. Very stable and tough, but with just enough flexibility for comfort and performance.

– Chris Shugart

From Amazon

Lightweight, Breathable, Stretch Knit Upper

Seemless, sock-like construction makes this one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever tried. They call them “runners” but I wear them for everything.

– Chris Shugart

From Amazon

Versatile Cross Trainer Weighing Only 300 Grams

These kicks incorporate the world’s strongest material – graphene – an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice. But mainly, they look cool.

– Chris Shugart

From Amazon

Powerbax TPU Plate, Hook and Loop Closures

While it’s marketed as the “circuit slayer” this is primarily a weightlifting shoe. Like to clean & jerk? This is the shoe you want.

– Chris Shugart

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