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Trenbolone: Do You Have Bouts Of Coughing When Taking it?


             Unlike Deca, Trenbolone is a great steroid for muscle mass and most of the mass you build is pure muscle fibers with minimum water retention. Trenbolone has the amazing anabolic result. Why is it so? There are several factors. For one, Trenbolone increases the level of anabolic hormone IGF-1 in muscle tissue. It also affects “satellite cells” (cells that “repair” damaged muscle) to be more sensitive to IGF-1 and other growth factors. DNA in muscle cell increases significantly in the muscle cell.

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              Trenbolone has a strong ability to attach to androgenic receptors, much stronger than testosterone. This is important because the stronger steroid attaches to the androgenic receptor, component works stronger on muscle growth factors, which depend on androgenic receptors.

           There is also strong evidence that component that attaches well to androgenic receptors helps in fat loss. However, some users report strong tren cough during Trenbolone use, just after they inject themselves. Reports say that a cough lasts from 30 seconds to few minutes or even more. A cough is unstoppable once it starts, and can even cause chest pain.

Why does it happen to so many users? Let’s see some explanations.

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Take Care When Using Trenbolone Acetate:

            There are reports that a tren cough occurs more often in users of Trenbolone Acetate then in athletes who use Trenbolone E. It happens because Trenbolone Acetate irritates some tissues. If you try it orally, you will notice that it is very spicy.

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         Trenbolone Acetate irritates lung cells if taken in the larger amount. Sometimes, while injecting, Trenbolone acetate will get into a smaller blood vessel or lymphatic system, in which case Trenbolone will reach lung cells fast, causing a strong cough.

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Only Some Injections Cause Tren Cough:

            As it turns out from various reports, it is really a matter of luck whether you will experience a tren cough or not. Sometimes users inject Trenbolone for days or weeks without negative side-effects in form of a cough. For some users, it happens with first injecting, but it might not happen later on in the cycle.


           The concentration of Trenbolone Acetate in the syringe is another affecting factor in a possible cough. The higher concentration, the larger the possibility that Trenbolone level in blood will be higher and cause a cough.

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Recommendation of Use:

          In order to decrease possibility often cough occurrence, you should keep dosage of Trenbolone Acetate under 50 mg/mL. If possible, it shouldn’t contain benzyl alcohol. Another suggestion to prevent a cough is, if you are using 2 substances (such as Testosterone and Tren), first inject the Trenbolone and then Testosterone. This will decrease the possibility of Trenbolone getting into your bloodstream.

Duration of Tren Cough:

           In the end, if nothing helps but you end up with a tren cough, there is nothing to do but to try to relax and let it go away on its own. Positive thing is that a cough usually doesn’t last too long. The Duration of Tren Cough can be:

  • 30 seconds – usually
  • over 60 seconds – rarely
  • up to 90 seconds – extreme cases


         Tren a cough is in most cases simply a matter of (bad) luck. It doesn’t happen every time, and if it occurs ones when you cycle Tren it doesn’t have to mean that it will happen next time again. Tren a cough is very unpleasant especially when it becomes very strong. It may be very irritating and in worst cases may cause trouble breathing.

         The good news is that it lasts shortly, for up to minute with no consequence for you. Therefore, if nothing helps just wait for it to pass. A cough longer than 1-2 minutes is a sign of another health problem, so that make sure you take a closer look at what it can be.

          Tren a cough happens more often with Trenbolone Acetate use than with Tren E. Dosage is important as a cough occurs especially when large doses of Tren are administrated for one use (up to 50-75 mg/mL). If you want to build massive muscle fast using tren then assume the risk to get a cough, in some cases an even severe form of it. Tren a cough is a necessary evil if you want to evaluate from this to this:

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