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Should Testosterone Always Be Used As The Base of a Steroid Cycle?


          If you ask any steroid user, especially one looking to build up muscle mass in the body, he is going to recommend Testosterone to you as he has been doing. Nearly all anabolic steroid users would bet on Testosterone as providing the best steroid cycle. They have got their reasons and in many cases. It really is the only hormone that would produce the desired effects but should it really be used as the base of every steroid cycle?

          The answer to this can easily be modified by personal preferences but if you are concerned with possibility. Then no, it is not a necessity nor is it an unbendable rule to include Testosterone in every steroid cycle. However, the fact remains that Testosterone has the highest ratings when it comes to absorption. Tolerance as it is naturally found in the body as well.

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         Although side effects can and will be expected with a Testosterone based steroid cycle, it is highly recommended for first-time steroid users. Here are some of the reasons why Testosterone is recommended as the base of all steroid cycles.

Tolerated Well Inside The Body:

          One of the top reasons why Testosterone should be used as the base of a steroid cycle is because it has a better tolerance level than most other steroids. This is because the same hormone is found in the body and therefore the body can accept this compound more naturally than the others.

It Will Not Halt Your Testosterone Production:

           Testosterone will not completely stop the test production in the body. Most other synthetic formulas have been found to do so. So if you don’t want any permanent harm to come to your natural masculinity then Test should be included as a base for every cycle. Continuous use of other steroid compounds has been linked with the diminishing of sex drive.

Provides a Lot of Boosts:

          Simple administration of Test can give you a lot of horsepower as compared to other anabolic steroids. Because it is well tolerated, even ample doses can be taken and they give you a lot of kick inside.

Stacks Well With Other Compounds:

           Testosterone has been found to stack up well with other steroid compounds. For those looking to build up or enhance their strength levels. They can stack up the steroids to get the desired effect but while most steroids can give you added side effects when coupled together. Test will show great levels of compatibility with other drugs.

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Can Be Used Alone:

           Testosterone has this unique ability to be tolerated separately without any pairing. This is why it is recommended to the newbies as well. Those wanting to hook up on anabolic steroids, can just do testosterone and be surprised with the results. Just simple administration of testosterone can pack them up with great power and strength.

Safer to Use:

           If testosterone is administered in a controlled dosage, then it is safer than most other steroid drugs and hence is widely used.

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Testosterone Cycle:

         The one quality that has been attributed by almost all steroid users is that it is the number one component in building muscles and with that. It is also the compound which is most likely tolerated by the body. And both these qualities make testosterone the best base product. It works well with other compounds and can be used by itself as well.

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            In fact, before trying out even more complex compounds, the beginners are recommended to go for pure testosterone cycle. Then start stacking it up with steroids to see which other steroids can produce the desired effects.

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