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Liver Damage While On Oral Steroids


Steroids consumption is associated with a range of side effects, but when it comes to oral steroids liver damage is the most common. For this main reason, most of the steroid users advice to use injectables instead of orals which bedevil the good activity of liver.

In spite of this, oral steroids continue to be largely used by people worldwide. How can this be explained? First of all, injectable steroids can be detected in the blood long time after ending a steroid cycle.

In case of orals, traces can be found few weeks after the last ingested pill.  It may seem a long time too, but in comparison with injectables, this frame of time is quite shorter.

On the other hand, there are individuals who fear needles and will do all to avoid dealing with them. In this case, the oral injectable is going to be used to replace the gains injectable can cause in the human body. Oral steroids are more convenient to use but are while less effective than injectable.

How Is Liver Damaged While Running Oral Steroid Cycle?

Liver is one of the most important organs in human as that if it shuts down we have only 2-3 days to live.  It’s the “cleanser” of the body, helping to get rid of toxins. Fortunately for us, the liver has the capacity to regenerate and be functional even when 75% of it is damaged.

All 17A oral steroids are modified in a way to avoid degradation in the liver and be able to get in the blood. These kinds of steroids are toxic to the liver because they inhibit the excretory function of the liver. Likewise, the liver can get rid of toxic and they accumulate in the body.

Known as cholestasis this is the most common disease caused by 7aa oral steroids are blamed for. If no action is taken then after a while this disease worsens and may turn into cirrhosis, a stage where the action begins to slow down.

Worth to be mentioned cholestasis is not a lethal disease and is reversible if needed measures are taken on time. The best is to avoid getting to this stage at all, as the ideal is to keep your liver safe instead of trying to treat.

The things get worse when two 17A oral steroids are taken concomitantly. Never admit this mistake. Always try to cycle an oral steroid along with an injectable one, this being the smart way of using steroids.

To know more “Can Steroids Cause Liver Damage” can check out this video below

What are The Most Liver Toxic Oral Steroids?

Don’t put all oral steroids in the same light as not all of them are liver toxic. Some of them are more toxic than others, while a minority has no bad influence on the liver at all.

Top Most Liver Toxic Oral Steroids are:







The more potent is the steroid, the higher is the toxicity level it carries on. Therefore, avoid using a powerful oral steroid when looking for fast and impressive muscle gains.

Top of Less Liver Toxic Oral Steroids:




So, only 17-aa steroids are liver damage steroids, while all other steroids have minor to no influence at all. A good idea is to stack a 17aa steroid with a known one in order to keep your liver function while enjoying noticeable gains in muscle mass. Now you have know that Oral steroids and liver damage are only caused by the use of 17-aa steroids.

Symptoms of a Damaged Liver:

When your liver function is perturbed because of oral steroid use there are series of signs that you have to worry about. Pay a close attention to your overall feeling when running a steroid cycle to be able to prevent any disease before it will too late.

Here are Some of the Signs that Should Alarm you When Taking Orals:

-Lowered appetite;

-Fever associated with nausea (many take it as a cold, but it is not);


-Yellowish skin or eyes;

Whenever one of these signs occurs is time to take a break and revise what you are doing wrong. The earlier you acknowledge what happens in your body and give a hand of help, the higher chances to pass through a cycle with your liver function untouched.

The best would be not to wait for these signs, but simply take enzymes before and after a steroid cycle. A few weeks later after the cycle is finished repeat the tests and see how it shows. This way you will have a closer look at your liver situation.

Products That Help Keep Liver Health While on Steroids:

As we said is better to prevent than to treat. A range of supplements available online is able to ensure a proper function of the liver while taking 17aa steroids. LIV 52 and Milk Thistle, Essentials are just a few of them, while a simple search on Google would list you a  longer list. Whatever you choose, make sure you have one of these supplements in your cycle.

If you already have liver problems than taking 17aa steroid is a bad idea. Thier use will worsen your condition so that it can turn into something irreversible. Go with injectable in this case or use non-17 aa anabolics.

Protect your liver before it is too late. Make sure your liver is 100% health before getting involves in a 17aa steroid cycle and make sure you add in some supplements able to help your liver cope with bad effects of steroids. Do you test and keep an eye on signs which talks about a liver problem.

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