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Best Anabolics And Anti-Estrogens For Fat Loss


        Losing fat is a common goal for most of the bodybuilders. For this purpose, many steroid users look for the anabolics with best fat burning features and anti-estrogens that helps to keep water retention and bloating low or even inexistent. A general tendency is to divide steroids into two categories: bulking and cutting anabolics. An inaccurate approach as none of the steroids is labeled as serving just one purpose.

         Indeed, some of them can be better of cutting, while others excel at packing one muscle mass. But in the final, with the proper manipulation, any of them can be used for more than one goal.

        “Manipulations” suppose diet, workout routine which accompanies the steroid cycle. Or without a diet/workout that supports your fat burning goal no or minimal results will be achieved. Losing fat is a lot about diet, cardio and then steroids. Try to get leaner without steroids, but if you decide to use – make it wisely.

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          Dosing is also relevant for to attaining one or another goal. Bulking and cutting dosing of the same steroid is different and has to be set accordingly to the way you want to look in the final of cycling. Usually, for cutting purpose a higher dose is recommended. The higher is the dosage, the more ICF-hormone is released and a more powerful fat burning process is triggered.

        It is a well-known fact that the body burns more calories to keep muscle mass than fat. That’s why when being when a calorie deficit body begins to pull energy from fat deposits. The more muscular you are, the faster you burn fat and viceversa.

Low-Aromatization Steroids For Getting Shredded:

          Not all steroids have low estrogenic activity. The more androgenic it is, the greater estrogenic activities it shows. Body is able to assimilate a certain amount of testosterone. With chemicals, this threshold goes pretty high, so that anything above this level may be turned into estrogen. The process is called aromatase and especially occurs if you are already susceptible to this.

            High estrogens cause water retention and slow rate of fat burning. In order to prevent this use of anti-estrogen is necessary. But about anti-estrogens, we will talk later. Now let’s concentrate our attention on steroids for fat loss.

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Top 4 Non-aromatizing Anabolics are:

This list completes with:

         Have to be mentioned that these steroids may aromatase if you are genetically predisposed to higher estrogenic activity.

       Being sensitive to estrogenic side effects limits you in using anabolics that do aromatase. All other people can use aromatase steroids with less or almost no negative impact on their health. Of course with condition that minimal dosage of anti-estrogens is taken.


     This is a powerful steroid with no estrogenic activity and water retention side effects. It’s great for keeping on muscle mass and strength while dosage is moderate-200 mg weekly. If there are a “best-cutting steroids” then surely this is about Trenbolone.

All forms of Tren are efficient in burning fat; however, Tren-A or Trenbolone-Acetate have been actively recognized as the most effective.

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Has good fat burning action with low estrogenic activity.  EQ cause a high nitrogen activity so that even in a calorie deficit an increase of muscle mass will be registered.

A 400mg per week of EQ is a safe dose, allowing reaching a shredded look within weeks of usage.

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         If you want a safe fat burning steroid then Anavar has to be your choice. Free of any side effects, Anavar helps to retain strength, and hence muscle mass. Especially good it is for burning abdominal fat. It also raises the good cholesterol in the body and lowers the bad one.

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          A 20-30 mg of Anavar per day, will burn fat. It is not a low dosage, but the real problem is that Anavar is more difficult to find.

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           This is another oral quite effective in burning fat. It speeds up metabolism and enhances the body’s ability to retain muscle mass and strength. For more details about Winstrol effects in fat burning read our post “How effective is Winstrol for burning fat”.

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Anti-Estrogens To Use When Juicing:

          At least take this two anti-estrogens even you are not prone to estrogen and water retention. Proviron and Arimidex or Provirion with Nolvadex if you are estrogen sensitive. The general idea is that you cannot take fat loss steroids without anti-estrogens even you are not susceptible.

            The most important with fat loss Anabolics is responsible use. As long as you respecting proper dosage and use antiestrogens you are on the way to your perfect body. This post is informative.

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