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How to Keep a Small Waist While Packing On Muscle Mass


         Bulking can help you gain weight at a very high rate. It would be fantastic if there was no problem with adding inches to your waist too. As bodybuilding boards prove, the issue of excess fat around the waist while trying hard to gain weight is quite common and chances are that you are struggling too.

         How to keep a small waist when bulking? Can you bulk and still keep your waistline in check? Are there any secrets behind this or you have to make peace with the idea of expanding your belly while bulking? A short answer is that yes, you can have control over your added inches to your waistline and how exactly you can do it you will find out further in this article.

            As we have talked here, bulking is the muscle-building phases that precede the cutting stage. During bulking, individuals eat more than they burn off with the purpose of creating a calorie surplus and by this adding on large amounts of weight, a big part of it being in turn fat.

           Also, we have mentioned that there are actually 3 types of bulking  – clean, regular and dirty – and that based on which one you follow more or less muscle mass can be gained.  What has this in common with the goal of keeping a flat stomach? Pretty much, because of the way you fuel your body while bulking is going to make or break your goal.

And so we get to the first tips on how to get big and keep abs at the same time.

# 1 – Stick to Clean Bulking:

             Despite bulking may resonate to you with huge amounts of unhealthy food intake, it’s time to change your view if you really care about your waist. Stay off of junk foods and stick to unprocessed sources of protein, carbs, and fats, which in fact constitutes a clean diet.  Because the cleaner you eat, the higher the chances for you to gain pounds of muscle without adding belly fat at all.

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               Isn’t a dirty bulking diet plan promoting more weight gains than a clean one? It’s indeed but be aware that getting rid of fat may be harder than you imagine. Especially abdominal fat which, as studies suggest, raise far more concerns than fat located in any other part of the human body.

            Get control of your daily calorie intake. A first step is to use many of the weight control calculators available online to find out your current calorie intake each day, based on your age, physical activity, gender. Once you sorted it out, make sure you add 250-500 calories in order to encourage muscle gains.

             If you know yourself as a hard gainer, you can raise your calorie threshold with even more than 500 calories. Due to the fast metabolism, there is no risk for you that extra calories will be turned into fat. In all other cases, if you increase the calorie intake too much, you risk gaining more fat than lean muscle mass.

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# 2 – Add two HIIT Session Per Week to Your Workout:

             While lifting weights while bulking is a must, adding some cardio between these sessions will be of great help. From short cardio sessions as climbing stairs to high-intensity interval training – all of them play a huge role in keeping abdominal fat under control.

            However, as the International Journal of Obesity has found, HIIT training is one of the most effective in burning belly fat. Also, it doesn’t cause your body to release cortisol hormone, which is known to “eat” lean muscle mass, and commonly occurs during other cardio exercises.

      In regard to how many times per week you have to perform HIIT in order to reach noticeable results than our recommendation does not go with more than two sessions per week performed on separate days than weight lifting. More detailed information about HIIT training – why, how and when – can be found on this Article.

No time for long reading? Here’s an example of HIIT training for the whole body that perfectly fits any individual:

#3 – Reduce Stress:

             The more stressed you are, the more cortisol hormone your body produces which directly leads to belly fat gains. If we take into consideration that each workout is already a source of stress for your body, adding additional one is what you have to prevent yourself of.

            How can you do it? By excluding situations that cause you to stress, getting massage regularly, hot baths, swimming or walking. Don’t neglect the importance of sleep as well – eight hours per day with half an hour or even an hour nap throughout the day relieve stress remarkably.


           Keeping your waistline small while bulking up is a possible mission as long as you are ready to commit to hitting the gym hard, embrace HIIT sessions twice a week and adjusting your diet to your actual needs. Factors as body types do influence the way you’re gaining weight, but you should not use as an excuse and get into dirty bulking. You may say that during the cutting phase you will get rid of that extra fat. But, as above-mentioned, is not all as easy.

          That’s why is paramount to make sure you are adding as much lean muscle mass possible. Because along with it you will definitely gain some fat too, which most probably will appear on your waist.

          Do you know any other tips on keeping waist slim while bulking? What works for you and what is better to stay off? We would love to hear your thoughts on this subject and also get a real feel of how many of you are struggling indeed to keep stomach fat while gaining muscle.

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