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Gaining Lean Muscle Mass Without Gaining Body Fat



             If you follow what some fitness gurus or even health and fitness magazine, be sure of one thing, you might go crazy! I came across a fitness magazine that said I should take almost 5000 calories every day to build tons of muscles.

           That’s for a fact is freaking CRAZY! If you follow these “junk” advice, be sure to add more weight and all you’ll see in the mirror is a belly full of nothing but fat!

            Well, these are the old techniques that were advocated for people who wanted to seriously gain more muscle tons. Nonetheless, we are in a dynamic biosphere, everything keeps on changing. And we no longer apply the “eat big to get big” approach.

Gain Muscle and not Gain Fat!

          Yes, you should focus more on that. Gaining smart, lean muscles…Therefore, to do this, you will have to come up with the perfect workout program.

       Even if you plan to work your ASS off trying to get these muscles, your diet must count in. the perfect work out plan has to be supported by the best dietary plan. As it is the case, all this could be working right for you but as you start noticing some major changes, including gaining weight, something else might be happening.

Jeez!! You are gaining more fat?

        And from my experience, most bodybuilders take this for granted. However, that doesn’t seem to bother them since there are results that they are getting, building muscles.

        Gaining fat is a slow but gradual process and as you continue with your program, there is a point where you will reach and the fat building process outweighs your muscle building process. By the time you are realizing it, it is already too late and it is ruining everything you’ve ever hoped for.

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Gaining Muscles while Minimizing the Fat Gain

         This is the principle that we should all be concerned with. We want a situation where we are gaining muscles while minimizing fat gain.

          The problem is that most of the programs that are out there advocate for some traditional and gluttonous method of bulking which for me it’s too exhausting and demanding, more so, it is a downright to counter-productivity.

        What you need is a program that will help you build muscles more effectively and over the long term. A program that will more specifically target the lean gains rather than stuffing yourself with something that may not even work!

And the worst is yet to come…

          Assuming that you had visible muscle ton when you were starting out, you will now realize that they are all fading away. For example, if you had abs, by the time you are mid-way with this program, they will have started to fade away.

           What’s even worse is that you cannot enjoy the little comfort of the muscles that you are gaining or even enjoy the muscles that you had before starting out on this program.

           You are just there in between, confused and frustrated, not on the program but yourself! That is what these traditional programs can do to you. We are not to dispute the fact that you are actually building muscles. That is one thing we can truly tell visibly. However, even as you build the muscles, you are gaining too much fat.

         The more you continue, the worse it gets and by the time you are completing, trust me, a mirror will be your worst enemy. Instead of getting a sexy, lean toned and defined body, the opposite is actually happening. You are getting bigger and softer.

Is it Really Necessary, Eating to get Big?

     What traditional method of gaining muscles really advocated is the fact that if you were not gaining muscles, fast enough, most probably you are not eating enough and therefore, you had to eat as much as you would in a day to compensate for the lack of muscles?

          This advice may contain some truth in it but the strategy applied is a fuss. However, the crucial thing is, the amount your body needs to build enough muscles will depend very much on the amount which feels enough for you.

          What the traditional methods of gaining muscles didn’t tell us is that you really don’t have to overfeed yourself, what you just need is the right amount of food. The amount that feels enough to you!

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The Calorie Intake

        How many calories do you need to gain muscles? Most of us think that eating tons is the easiest way to gain more energy while burning less. Even if you were to do proper research on the market, you will still find that most of the programs advocate for the same.

         Virtually, it is impossible to be in a calorie deficit if you are taking more than 4,000+ calories a day. This strategy is good though and for a while, you will realize that you are slowly gaining muscles.

           However, it is good to point out that a large calorie surplus is not a good strategy to build muscles. The problem is, gaining too much fat quickly does more harm than good. Eating too much accelerates gaining fat which then accelerates fat storage. This overall slows down muscle growth. There is a downside with a lot of calorie intake.

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The Downside of too much Calorie Intake

         You realize that as the body fat raises the insulin level in the body drops quite significantly. Therefore, the body becomes resistant to some of its signals making the ability to burn fat decrease, therefore the likelihood of you gaining weight increases quite greatly.

        What you need to understand is that the better your body responds to insulin, the better the chances of doing so many other things like building the muscles, more to that, resisting the fat gain.

         Also, when the body fat rises, the testosterone level drops while the estrogen levels rise and we all know the significance of the testosterone hormone!


        Too much food intake increases the chances of building fat in the body which is not a good sign of muscle growth. Therefore, to gain lean muscles without gaining fat, you will have to very much look at your consumption, and regulate the calorie intake.

         However, it is good to make sure that your diet is the inconsistency in the amount of energy need to effectively build your muscles.

What do you think?

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