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Are The Brock Lesnar Steroids Allegations True? (He Took Clomid…)


Is Brock Lesnar on steroids?

If you peruse sports media or fan forums for WWE or MMA, you will encounter many people asking this same question.

There’s no doubt that Brock Lesnar was born with a body most of us can only dream of, but many people also believe that he uses steroids to get and keep his massive size.

Brock Lesnar Steroids

We’ll get into the evidence about whether Brock Lesnar took steroids or not below, but first some background on his career.

His career started as a collegiate wrestler.

He wrestled for Bismark State College, and then for the University of Minnesota.

He won several championships and had a 106-5 win/loss record for his four years of college.

He signed with the WWE, then known as the WWF, in 2000. He spent two years in a developmental territory before moving up to the main roster and appearing on Monday Night Raw.

He held the record of the youngest wrestler to ever win the WWE title for a time, and he left the WWE in 2004.

He began his MMA training in 2006, and won his debut match against Min Soo Kim. He won the UFC title in 2009. He retired from MMA after he lost at UFC 141, possibly due to health issues.

Then he went back to WWE. The last few years, Lesnar has been in both the WWE and the UFC, seeming to do whatever suited him best at the moment.

He even became the WWE Universal Champion, despite his part-time role in the WWE.

Arrested For Steroids

Brock Lesnar’s steroid accusations began when he was in the WWE developmental territory OVW fifteen years ago.

According to Jim Cornette, Brock Lesnar had ordered steroids from an internet company that was under police investigation.

Police were tracking the shipments, and when Brock Lesnar came to pick up the package, they were waiting for him. In what seems to be a fortunate turn of events for Brock, lab tests revealed that the pills weren’t steroids after all.

All charges against Brock Lesnar were dropped, but it appears that Lesnar attempted to purchase steroids from the internet, even if that wasn’t what he received.

Jim Cornette also says that this wasn’t the only bad decision that Brock has made in his time with WWE. He is quoted as saying,”The Brock Lesnar steroid arrest was just the start”.

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Then and Now

Brock Lesnar had diverticulitis when he retired after UFC 141. Still looking at photos from UFC 141 and his recent comeback in UFC 200 show a remarkably more healthy and muscled Brock Lesnar.

Is it just a combination of getting healthy and hardcore training that’s responsible for his then and now transformation?

It would be easy to think so, had he not failed two drug tests before and on the day of the UFC 200 match.

Failed UFC Drug Tests

Perhaps the most compelling evidence to suggest that Brock Lesnar is using steroids are two failed drug tests. The first drug test was taken on June 28th, and the second was taken the day of the match, on July 9th.

Brock Lesnar didn’t test positive for steroids, but another banned substance linked to steroid use called clomiphene (Clomid).

Many steroids can only be detected for two to three days after using them, but clomiphene is detectable for two to three weeks. Clomiphene has also been used for its supposed ability to mask steroids in a drug test.

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What is Clomiphene?

For anyone wishing to give Brock Lesnar the benefit of the doubt, clomiphene is commonly used to treat infertility in women. It is occasionally used to treat infertility in men as well.

Considering Brock Lesnar and his wife have a child, it’s unlikely he was risking his career for a fertility issue.

When using steroids, it’s much safer for your body (and your career) if you take them in cycles. You take a cycle of steroids, and then stop for a period of time. However, this causes some problems. This is where PCT (post cycle therapy) comes in.

Steroids suppress your natural production of testosterone. This can lead to a decline in your health, as well as losing much of the gains you made from the steroids.

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Both men and women naturally produce testosterone and estrogen in their bodies. Men produce more testosterone, and women produce more estrogen. When you stop using steroids, your body produces more estrogen.

Clomiphene is an anti-estrogen, meaning that it suppresses the body’s production of estrogen. This helps you raise your testosterone levels and keep more of the gains that you got with steroids.

Do Brock Lesnar steroids explain why he has had so much success in the MMA and WWE? Do they explain his recovery from diverticulitis back to the ultimate picture of health?

Was Brock Lesnar born to have a 55-inch chest and a 39-inch waist, or is he supplementing his genetics with steroids? I’ll leave it for you to decide, based on the evidence.

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